Returned from a week in Munich

I just returned from a week in Munich, with a brief yet intense visit to the Austrian alps. Now I feel alive again.

And I’ve booked my one-way ticket back – 2 weeks from now. There’s still a few details to work out, such as finding a new contract. But that looks more likely there than in London. And I’d prefer to be there while I’m looking. Luckily, a friend has a place to rent, so that’s part of the problem solved. It’s good to make the decision finally. I’m even getting more serious about perfecting my language skills, aiming to read some German literature in the original. I think I can make this work. It’s a risk, but one worth exploring.

A gnome hacker friend recommended me for a very interesting open-source job in Barcelona. I had to reject it in the end partly because of some ethical worries, but felt annoyed by my own principles. The gtkmm mailing list also started getting emails from people working at defence companies, and I am still not sure whether it’s right to answer them. For now I will as long as it’s clearly helpful to others too.

More real-world friends seem to be reading this diary now. That’s so much more efficient than a regular relationship.

I’m about to buy a Dell Inspiron 4150 to run Linux. Tell me now if that’s a bad idea. Maybe now I’ll be able to get my life under the baggage weight limit.