Curriculum Vitae - Murray Cumming

Name: Murray Cumming
Address: Munich, Germany
Date of Birth: 11th May 1973
Nationality: United Kingdom, Germany
Languages: English (native), German (fluent)
OpenHUB, GitHub


Experienced C++, Java, and Go developer, usually on Linux, working on systems programming, desktop, mobile, backend, and web. Focused on software quality and end user goals. Always learning. Successful in technical, management, and customer-facing roles. Experienced open-source developer.




Google Germany GmbH, Munich, Germany
Senior Software Engineer, Tech Lead

I led a team working on client endpoints and input experiences for the Stadia streaming game platform.

As team lead, I identified product requirements, designed systems, and supervised designs and implementations. I built a productive team by establishing a culture of thorough documentation, robust code, and shared understanding, providing opportunities for individual excellence.

C++, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, Dart


EGYM GmbH, Munich, Germany
Team Lead

I led a team working on:

  • User interface for electronic exercise machines (C++, Qt, gRPC, CMake, Docker)
  • Backend services (Go, Java, Scala, Kubernetes, gRPC, OpenCensus, Stackdriver).

I drove a process of discovery, documentation, and refactoring. This created a stable well-understood platform on which we built new features while ensuring reliability for our many active users.

I maintained a culture of quality, respect, and purpose, ensuring that developers felt supported by each other to create lasting work they could be proud of.


Openismus GmbH, Munich, Germany
Founder, Managing Director, and Developer


I built a team of highly skilled Linux C++, Java, and C software developers around a culture of communication and responsibility, working with customers such as Nokia, Intel, OLPC, and Canonical.

I recruited and trained personnel, anticipating future needs while pursuing new business. I created detailed technical proposals and schedules in response to customer requirements, then managed projects to completion. I also managed finances across our two locations in Munich and Berlin.


I often joined our agile teams as a developer and documentation writer, striving for clearly designed and thoroughly tested software. I worked on these projects:

  • Modest email client for Maemo (C, GTK+, tinymail)
  • qtcontacts-tracker (C++, Qt, tracker, RDF)
  • libmeegotouch (C++, Qt)
  • Maliit input method framework and virtual keyboard (C++, Qt)
  • Rygel DLNA/UPnP framework (C, Vala)
  • Onine-Glom (Java, GWT, PostgreSQL)
  • Glom (C++, gtkmm, Python, Boost, PostgreSQL)


Consulting (Freelance)
Software Developer


Siemens AG, Munich, Germany
Software Developer

Refactoring and stabilisation of a C++ streaming media control sub-system for a VoIP project on an embedded Linux platform.

2005 GmbH, Karlsruhe, Germany
Software Developer

Implementation of a high-performance C++ client-server network system on Linux for fast retrieval of user profiles from large data sets, for targeted online advertising servers.


Sci-Worx GmbH, Berlin, Germany
Software Developer

Cross-platform Push-To-Talk and Presence software, for mobile phones, using C++.


Comneon, Linz, Austria
Software Developer

Mobile C++ GUI: integrated T9 predictive-input system and designed audio subsystem.


Blueprint Software Ltd: London, UK
Software Developer

C++ Mac and Windows extension libraries for FileMaker Pro, interfacing with Java (JNI) and Python.


Beta Research GmbH, Munich, Germany
Software Developer

GUI for access control of digital satellite TV. C++, Qt, Solaris, DbTools.h++, Xerces-C++.

-2001 AG, Munich, Germany
Software Developer

Development of JSP-based website.


Giesecke & Devrient GmbH, Munich, Germany
Applications Development Engineer

Development of Windows applications to manage smartcard applications. Visual C++.


ORGA Card Systems (UK), Maidenhead, UK
Applications Development Engineer

Creation of a smartcard development IDE and utilities. Visual C++.


Blueprint Computer Software Ltd, Hatton Garden, London, UK
Senior Applications Developer

Development of highly usable bespoke Relational Database Systems. Filemaker Pro, Visual C++.


Space Airconditioning plc, Guildford, UK
Systems Designer

Complete overhaul and improvement of Transaction and Stock management database.


Makin Rochard Ltd, Hampton Wick, Surrey
Applications Developer

Bespoke Relational Database solutions, using FileMaker Pro.


Stibo Datagraphics, Swindon, UK

DTP using Quark, PhotoShop, etc on MacOS.


Temporary/Short-Term Contracts, Swindon, UK

DTP / Data Entry / Administration

Education and Qualifications



German: Goethe-Zertifikat C1


Edinburgh University, UK

Politics, Psychology, Social Policy: First year only.


New College, Swindon, UK

A Levels

1A, 3Bs, 1C


The Commonweal School, Swindon, UK


8As, 1B

Open-Source Projects





The official C++ interface for the popular GUI library GTK+.
Linux/Unix/Windows library.

Lead Developer


C++ signal/slots template-based library used by gtkmm.

Lead developer


Generic GUI Database design and editor application, for PostgreSQL,
built in C++ with GNOME technologies for Linux.

Lead Developer

Android Galaxy Zoo

Official Android citizen science app for classifying Galaxy Zoo subjects.
Java, Volley, REST, JSON.

Lead Developer

iOS Galaxy Zoo

Official iPhone / iPad citizen science app for classifying Galaxy Zoo subjects.
Objective-C, REST, JSON.

Lead Developer

Website offering computer science quizzes, tracking personal progress.
Java, GWT, GWTP, AppEngine, Objectify.

Lead Developer


2002 - 2005

Member of the GNOME Release Team

I helped to establish time-based releases, integrating multiple projects with little explicit coordination, via a reliable repeating 6-monthly schedule of beta releases, API freezes, UI freezes, string freezes, code freezes, etc, and quality guidelines.

2004 - 2005

Member of the GNOME Foundation's Board of Directors

I helped to organize the GUADEC conference and shared ongoing administration.


Quim Gil, Engineering Community Manager, Wikimedia Foundation

Jens Georg, Senior Developer, Advanced Driver Information Technology GmbH