gtkmm get-together

I’m looking forward to the informal gtkmm get-together on the 5th October in Berlin. It’s a nice chance to meet people who we usually just talk to through emails, and it’s nice that people think it’s worth getting on a plane. danielk, cactus, Andreas Holzmann, Christian Pettig and Sebastian Rittau should be there. It’s completely disorganised, but isn’t that the point of real life as opposed to online life? Yes, it’s a poor excuse.

I am confident that gtkmm is going to hit 2.0.0 some time soon. We have made more API changes recently but they have all been in the pangomm and glibmm parts which aren’t used much yet. But I know we shouldn’t rush it. On the other hand, I’m thinking of breaking the API again for GTK+ 2.4, so that should give us a second chance while also providing a solution with a stable API.

I am now back in Munich, with limited internet access until I get DSL, and not able to do much work until my ebay-ed laptop arrives. However, I’m glad to be back – there’s more to life than bandwidth.

Of course, I would like it to be generally known that I’m looking for interesting UNIX/C++ work in Munich.

The last week in London was pretty good. I visited London’s tamiltown in Eastham with my friend Kari, after hearing about it often when we worked in Munich. And I extended my run east of Hampstead, taking a look at the effortless wealth of Highgate and discovering the fantastic view into London from Archway Bridge at dusk.