gtkmm: Closer to a stable release

gtkmm is edging closer to a stable release. I think the freeze announcement did a good job of shaking those last API patches out of people. I spent some time on another lifecycle bug. It turned out to be something simple, and I would have seen that quickly if I had just used valgrind at the start. nullity said some good things about gtkmm, which is nice.

I finished setting up lxr and bonsa at work – we now have a complete system much like the one at I wrote some extra notes to supplement gleblanc‘s installation instructions.

Running is now becoming ridiculous. The canal is a great discovery. I can’t believe that I lived in London before and had no real idea it was there, cutting quietly through London. Hampstead Heath is far too small for me now – I just get to the top of Parliament Hill and pick a landmark to head for. This time I made it along a meandering route to the river, across to the London Eye and back across to Hyde Park. I have made London small.

I’m more and more sure that I want to go back to Munich – I just need to find some work there. Nevermind a contract, I think I’d take any Unix job there.