Back from my quick tour of eastern europe

I’m back from my quick tour of eastern europe, Munich to Dresden to Berlin to Wroclaw to Krakow to Budapest to Prague
to Munich in less time than it takes to see anything much.
I’m back in
Munich for a couple of days to sort out the bureocracy of
moving. I managed to meet danielk and
frehberg in Berlin and
cactus in Budapest. I spend lots of time
talking and working with Daniel online but I hadn’t actually
met him before. I’m still surprised by his youth – he
clearly has a great future ahead of him if the German
educational system doesn’t waste too much of his time. It
was also cool to see Cactus in his own environment. I
noticed that all 3 of us have no real idea what direction
our lives should take and we’re not really enthused at the
paths that we’re on, but we do all believe in
GNOME and gtkmm. What this means,
I don’t know.

I’m working with only internet cafe access now, but I’m
glad to see that the gtkmm mailing list is
without me.

I cancelled my diving trip to Croatia because I got
hit by the annual hayfever lack of breath (or I might be
allergic to all of Poland, it’s possible), so I should now
be in London before the end of the month. I have some
bearable 9-5 work lined up – details to be announced.