gtkmm: TreeView

There’s been a lot of discussion on gtkmm-main about the TreeView interfaces, so Daniel and I have been making some
major changes. We managed to create a simpler interface that
didn’t require any use of the TreeViewColumns or
CellRenderers or the renderable properties/attributes unless
you want to do something unusual. You just map the model
columns to the view columns, and they are displayed sanely.
C++ allowed us to keep the
same flexibility as the C interfaces, while not forcing the
tedium on to all client code. It’s a big win.

I got libglademm working and added it to
gnomemm. I spent a day using it to write
PrefixSuffix. Over the years I’ve now written
that app on the Mac (applescript and Powerplant), Windows
(MFC) and now Linux (gtkmm). Only this latest one is
potentially cross-platform.

I added a widget-name-to-member-variable mapper class to
libglademm. It works a lot like MFC’s
macros-and-comments-and-wizard map, but it’s simple and
sensible. I added a similar thing to Bakery to
make it easy to save widget contents/states to GConf.

I’m planning my Eastern European trip: probably
Munich->Dresden, Berlin, Krakow, Prague, Budpest,