My time in Munich seems to be over.

My time in Munich seems to be over. I’ve been burning money while I look for a contract here or somewhere else
nice in Europe, but things just aren’t working out. Last
year there was too much contractor work and now there’s
hardly any. My appartment’s lease is up so that’s made the
decision for me. I’m making plans to go back to Britain,
where there should be more work. This was my worst-case
scenario, but I have to do it because every safety net and
bridge not burned and contact kept has fallen through. I’m
even thinking that I’ll have to get a regular 9-5 job, but
I’m going to look for contracts in the UK first.

I’ll drive back
leisurely through France at the end of May, if they haven’t
closed the borders by then. But first I’ll
take a quick look at eastern europe, visiting
cactus in Budapest along the way. Then I go
to Croatia for a few days diving. Then I’ll take a rental
car north to the coast, where we’ll swap everything to my
friend Glenn’s car, buy some cheap booze and head back over
the channel. I’m going to stay at Glenn’s place in Bedford
for a while. If you know Bedford, or any generic English
town, and if you have any idea what Munich is like, then
you’ll know that I don’t look forward to the change of

Losing the appartment also means that I lose my
incredibly fast T-DSL connection, so I’m trying to get as
much architectural gnomemm stuff done as
possible. I expect to be
barely online for a few weeks at least, but hopefully I will
have left a foundation for others to build on until I’m