danielk officially co-maintainer of gtkmm

I made danielk officially co-maintainer
of gtkmm. And then people responded by giving
us twice as much stuff to process. But that’s good.

We’ve finished processing Michael’s Forte patches, thanks
to danielk‘s iterator/traits hacking, so
I’ll soon be making a gtkmm release that works
on Sun’s GNOME2/Solaris platform.

I’m using GNOME2 as my desktop now. It was <a
than I expected to set up. Nautilus is now fast enough for
us to start thinking about perfecting it. I’ve been trying
to make the keyboard navigation more Mac-like. I think I’ve
solved the complicated key-modifier conflicts, but while I
can get some things working in the List or Icon views I
can’t get everything working in both.

I made some patches to libglade so that it’s more useful
for C++, so libglademm2 should be useable soon. I’m adding
it to the gnomemm umbrella project.
nzkoz is helping out with that.

Those patches, and some libbonoboui changes for C++ had
to go through the API-change approval process, which is very
slow and inflexible. I then had to chase approval for
patches to the dependent packages. The resultant mess of
multiple pending overlapping patches and conditional
approvals got a little out of
hand and annoyed a few people as I tried to get them finally
checked in.

I figured out a sensible structure for the various
bonobomm parts, and I’ll release new tarballs soon. I think
the examples will be much clearer than the C, particularly
to those who already use CORBA with C++.