Taking the train through France

I’m taking the train through France on my way back to the UK, in Brittany at the moment. I should be in London tomorrow
but my PC will arrive a week later. Leaving Munich was hard,
but I guess I`d better get on with it.

For a moment there it looked like things were about to get
better. I had a speaker-phone interview for a contract but
quickly realised that they expected me to do it in fluent
german and they only cared about crufty MFC Windows coding.
Probably the worst interview I`ve ever done – a definite no
sale. Apparently one
of my references said I spoke german fluently. That was nice
but not actually helpful. Gotta get back on track.

Uraeus published his interview
with me. I didn`t say anything much new, but it was nice to
have the opportunity to give a gtkmm status
update to the wider community.