We released gtkmm 1.3.2 for gtk+ 1.3.12

We released gtkmm 1.3.2 for gtk+ 1.3.12, which has kenelson‘s new signals/properties accessor
API and reworked code generator. His latest libsigc++
bugfixes also eradicated the mysterious segfaults that were
bothering me. We should release the gnomemm stuff soon. I’ve
already started porting Bakery across.

In real life, I’m back from Eilat, Israel, where I spent
the non-christmas holidays. The diving was nice enough but
the city of Eilat is an awful overpriced hole. I also
visited Petra which was almost completely deserted due to
everybody’s fear of flying.

I then spent New Year (aka Sylvester) skiing with some
friends in Neukirchen, Austria. New Year’s Eve was much more
fun there than it seems to be in most big cities.

The Euro is here, allowing us to spend money from Austria
back in Germany. It feels like a great step forward, and I
hope it shows people that big projects can succeed.