First versions of gnomemm

I just released the first versions of our gnomemm libraries – libgnomemm, libgnomecanvasmm,
and libgnomeuimm. They aren’t perfect yet, but we can’t wait
forever. I also released gtkmm 1.3.3 for them.

I’m also making slight progress with the ORBit2 C++
branch. It’s my priority at the moment, but it’s very
difficult to get up to speed.

I forgot to mention that
Bradley Bell recently revived GtkExtra–. I
hadn’t bothered
with it for a while, because it’s been ‘stable real soon
now’ for the last 2 years while making huge API changes, and
because GtkSheet shouldn’t be needed with gtkmm2. But some
people are using the Plot widgets, and they have Bradley to
thank for bringing it up-to-date.

There’s still very little work out there. It’s incredible
how the market has gone from surplus to scarcity. I’m
thinking of wandering around Thailand for a few weeks in the
meantime, so I got some immunisation shots today.