gtkmm2 work is moving along nicely.

gtkmm2 work is moving along nicely. kenelson has made some nice
changes to
our code generator, speeding it up, and making it complain
about any GTK+2 functions that we haven’t wrapped yet.

The various libgnome*mm wrapper libraries are gradually
taking shape, and it’s now possible to build and install
them all from the top-level gnomemm module, using the same
system as the one-big-tarball gtk+-enterprise-edition
module. Paul Davis is getting up to speed on the gtkmm
system and is helping out with libgnomecanvasmm. Hopefully
he can soon take it over completely.

I am very pleased that ORBitC++ has been merged into a
branch of ORBit2, to be merged for real one day. This is
good news for a C++ Bonobo future.

I fly to Eilat, Israel in a few days to escape the Xmas
gloom and to do some more Scuba. I have to stop over in Tel
Aviv for 1 day, which should be interesting.