Glom 1.22

I released stable Glom 1.22.0 a few days ago.

For easy installing, I also created a Glom 1.22 package for Ubuntu Precise, in the Openismus PPA. Ubuntu Precise normally has Glom 1.20. I wish there was some similar way to create packages for Fedora, or someone to do that for me.

Beside the multiple bug fixes, Glom 1.22 has a few new features:

  • Details: Foreign key ID fields: Add a New button next to the existing Find button.
  • Allow custom (not related) choices to be translated, with only the original text being stored in the database. This only happens when the choices are restricted, at least for now.
  • Related Choices: Default to showing the primary key but allow the field to be be other than the primary key.
  • Related Choices: Allow the user to specify a sort order.
  • Allow the database title to be translated.
  • Added command-line utilities to help with translation via po files.

4 thoughts on “Glom 1.22

    1. Holger, no, I have not tried that yet. and it’s a long time since I created an RPM. I also wonder who this will deal with dependencies that I might need to package too.

  1. Any chance of a installer for windows?
    It has been 2 years sincethe 1.14 release.
    Even if there are potential problems with GTK+

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