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Glom: Simplified main window

As planned, I have made the main Glom window even simpler. I’ve moved the table title down next to the “notebook” tabs, moved the records count up to the top. I’ve  hidden the “mode” concept because it’s now just a matter of whether you are entering find criteria or not. I’ve also removed the User Level menu, moving it’s toggle menu items to the top of the Developer menu, and I removed the User Level label, hoping that people don’t need that clue.

Before: Glom 1.18:

After: Glom 1.19/20:

(There are other differences between GTK+ 2, used by Glom 1.18, and GTK+ 3, used by Glom 1.19/20, and theme differences.)

Notice also that by using the custom-notebook widget, instead of GtkNotebook, the window does not need to be as wide as the widest notebook page even when that page is not actually showing.

This is in git master. I’ll do a new release when the dependencies get the tarball releases that I need. It will also fix the Find feature, which seems to have been broken in various ways since Glom 1.16.

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