Programming with gtkmm 3

We kept the Programming with gtkmm book (the gtkmm-documentation module) up to date while working on gtkmm 3, so all the examples build for gtkmm 3. We have not yet added chapters about all the new API in glibmm, which would be very useful.

Anyway, yesterday I wrote a small Changes in gtkmm 3 chapter, that’s slightly more informative than the release announcement, and I published “Programming with gtkmm 3” for the Kindle too.

11 thoughts on “Programming with gtkmm 3

  1. That’s great news that the GTKmm3 book has been published to Kindle! I went out and bought the GTKmm2 book the second it hit Amazon and it has been great to code on my PC and follow along with my Kindle.

    My only complaint with the Kindle version of the book is that code blocks line wrap like crazy, even at the smallest font on the Kindle. My fix currently is to change the Kindle to landscape mode so that everything appears on one line or wraps only to one more line.

    As soon as I get home, I’m breaking out the Kindle and buying the GTKmm3 book! Thanks for such an awesome trove of information on GTKmm!

    1. I’m glad it’s useful.

      Yes, I don’t know what to do about the code blocks. I’d welcome suggestions. I’ve seen the same problem in other programming books on the Kindle. We generally try to keep the code lines to 80 characters, but that’s still too much for the Kindle at the text sizes that I use.

  2. I can work on the new glibmm API chapters if you’d like. I’m pretty familiar with a lot of the new API added.

  3. I was wondering is there a PDF version I could print out? it be nice to have the convenience of a hard copy sitting by my desk :)

  4. In this tutorial, which portion of code add the m_menuPosition to the combo box… I’m a newbie to GTK…

  5. I am really appreciative of all of the hard work going into this book. It has helped me out a ton! I am curious about best practices when trying to make sub-windows off of a main application, such as in firefox when you press the “preferences” button, and a new box shows up. I cannot seem to easily understand how to do this.

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