Glom on Maemo: navigation video

Here is a quick video (youtube,or .ogv on showing the initial port of Glom for Maemo 5 as I navigate through the simple Music Collection example. Remember,  viewing and navigation are just a tiny part of Glom’s functionality. More imporantly, remember that the database designer would have implemented this little system (structure and UI) with no code and no SQL.

I wanted to get this much done so I could talk more confidently about Glom during my presentation at the Maemo Summit on Sunday.

This is also a more extensive test of the maemomm C++ bindings, which David King will do a talk about on Saturday. Maemomm is somewhere between Hildon (C, GTK+, extras) and Harmattan (C++, Qt, extras) in the current sea of programming languages and toolkits.

(Sorry if some planet’s are showing HTML code here instead of the video. I don’t know why. Try the links above instead.)

This is not a complete port, of course. There are some obvious problems. For instance, the + button in the list view should be a button in the main AppMenu. And on the details views:

  • The window title should show the table title, just as it does for list views.
  • Combo boxes should be HildonPicker buttons.
  • The “Songs” frame label has some strange new format. I must investigate if that’s now normal in Maemo 5.
  • Hiding the group titles makes the lack of alignment across groups even more obvious.
  • I must find out if we can use PannableArea while still allowing the widgets to be edited, instead of using a ScrolledWindow. At the least, we should use a wide scrollbar.
  • The + button should go into the AppMenu. There would be one “Add *” button for each related records portal on the layout.
  • The AppMenu should also have a Delete button when showing Details.
  • The spacing should be fixed now that the Mameo UI guide has been published.

I should do some videos for the regular desktop version of Glom to give people an idea of what it can do.

One thought on “Glom on Maemo: navigation video

  1. Nice! it is very interesting to see how rather complex parts of the Glom UI can be streamlined while porting Glom to Maemo.

    Perhaps the alignment problem for group elements is easier to solve if each group gets its own stack entry in a stackable window layout? Might look less initimidating as well (= no scrolling, less entries).

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