Glom 1.12

I just released Glom 1.12, roughly in-sync with GNOME’s release schedule.

Most noticeably, Glom databases no longer require a user/password to open them, at least for the default self-hosted databases. That should be much less annoying. You’ll only need to specify a user and password when you choose to share your database over the network with other Glom users.

We’ve also cleaned up libglom a bit, and David King has shown that it can be used for a simple Qt-based Glom viewer, provisionally called qlom.

I’m currently working on a Maemo 5 (Fremantle) branch of Glom, with a radically simpler UI with picker buttons and more sub-windows. I need to get that mostly done so I have something for my Handheld Glom talk at the Maemo summit in Amsterdam. I’m planning some rants for that talk – I think it will be entertaining.