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Over the last month or so our two trainees, David King and Michael (not Mathias) Hasselmann have made good progress getting familiar with GTK+ and associated tools on Linux. They are on an intensive schedule, but they have the time to learn how things really work, so they don’t have to feel that any part is a mystery. For instance, they know now how to create custom GObjects and GTK+ widgets rather than just how to put widgets together in Glade. Now they will move on to C++, moving through gtkmm and then to Qt, with detours through Maemo and Scratchbox.

We hope to offer training to customers in the near future and this is giving us a good idea of what to cover and how.

Beyond just coding, Daniel and I are helping them to form good open source habits, creating developers in our image, so they can be creators of quality and fighters against entropy. I’ve encouraged them to blog about the experience and generally get involved in the community as an important part of their training, so don’t hesitate to give your advice.

It’s also interesting to see how the move to Germany has been for David, registering for various things and finding an apartment. It seems easier in Berlin than in Munich, and easier now than when I moved to Germany 10 years ago. Daniel‘s help has been a big time-saver, I guess.

I set up to show their blogs and all our others too.

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  1. nuppi, Mats, I mentioned the rss in the block now, so it shows up in browsers. Is that OK for you.

    Doesn’t that get awkward when viewing multiple planets that contain many of the same blogs? Or are feed readers clever enough to find duplicates?

  2. Murray,

    Yup, Google Reader found the feed. Thanks!

    You’re right, though : Google Reader does not filter duplicates. As I’m subscribing to freedesktop, ubuntu, gnome, this is a major annoyance.

    I’m waiting for stable Google Reader support in Liferea.

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