Glom 1.8 bug fixes. Ubuntu packages

Over the last few months we (Openismus) fixed several nasty regressions in Glom 1.8 compared to 1.6. The latest release is fairly usable. We really must set up some LDTP testing scripts or suchlike to catch these regressions before our .0 releases.

The Openismus PPA has updated packages for Ubuntu Intrepid, based on Iain Lane’s packages. The official Glom packages for Ubuntu Intrepid are 1.6, which was finally updated to a bug-fixed release, thanks again to Iain Lane.

Work on Glom 1.10 is going well, though it’s largely a port to libgda-4.0.

One thought on “Glom 1.8 bug fixes. Ubuntu packages

  1. Hello,

    Congrats on the new release! At GNOME we are starting a new testing team ( focused on building a common testing structure and framework based on LDTP. Please, have a look and feel free to collaborate and / or ask for help on writing the tests for Glom.


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