Scanning Old Photographic Slides

While I was in North Berwick, we went through my fathers stash of photos and found lots of slides made by my grandfather showing my father as a teenager and me and my sister as babies and young kids.

I bought my father a Plustek OpticFilm 35mm slide scanner and a Flickr Pro account. He’s using Windows XP (I don’t think this model works on Linux). The results are pretty good, though the Plustek OpticFilm scanner should make it easier to get better colors in its QuickScan mode. Its full scan mode can do better but its UI is incomprehensible to mortals. It can scan 35mm negatives too. He’s scanning a few each day, adding to his Flickr photostream.

We should remove this old 35mm slide from the glass to get better results, of course.

The older slides are glass-mounted 120mm (also known as three and a half inch) slides. I took those to Pyramid Imaging in the Grassmarket in Edinburgh, who did a great job.

Some links to notable pictures so far:

5 thoughts on “Scanning Old Photographic Slides

  1. Great old photos but I have another question, I also have a flickr pro account but mine is named in numbers and letters, how do you get your account name in the url?

  2. hello..i have enherited a series of slides of various nature dated back to the 70s of the osmonds and other subjects…
    i want to sell them as they will be more use to a collector.
    can you please help me with finding the right way to do this.

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