Trying to File Bugs for Fedora Linux

As much as I dislike Ubuntu’s Launchpad bug tracker, Fedora Linux seems to have made something worse.I guess they want to discourage people from submitting bug reports.

For instance, I want to file a bug about the Glom package. Here are some things I tried:

Go to Fedora’s package page for Glom (I had previously found this and put a link to it on

  • That page has a View Bugs link at the left but that’s not about bugs for this package. I would have to find Glom in a huge multipage package list.
  • The Bug Reports link at the top is more useful, but it just shows (no) open bugs without allowing me to report one.
  • There is a Login link at the top right. Maybe I could do more if I was logged in, but there is no way to register.
  • The Report Bugs link at the left takes me to a Fedora Trac on but that page tells me “TICKET_CREATE privileges are required to perform this operation”. There is a login link, but no way to register to be able to login. Have I mentioned that I hate Trac.

Go to Fedora’s web site like a normal user (I googled):

  • I see no link to file a bug.
  • I tried the Get Help link but only saw information about IRC, mailing lists, forums, and documentation.
  • I tried the Communicate link. In the middle of that page (after information about IRC, mailing lists and man pages) there is a link to Clicking Enter A New Bug Report takes me to a big list of Linux versions, mostly Red Hat. There’s a list of Fedora stuff that’s almost as big. I chose the Fedora product, found glom in the list of components, and managed to file a bug. But glom is also in the list of components for the Fedora EPEL (Extras) product. Should I have filed it there instead?

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  1. Hi Murray — I agree that some of the workflow from the pkgdb page there is less than ideal. I’ve filed a ticket against the pkgdb to hopefully get some of that improved for the future (

    I’ve also done a little bit of clean-up on the Communicate page to hopefully make it more clear; one aspect was a link going missing as part of our recent wiki migration, but then there was also a need for a little bit more information to be spelled out.

  2. I still think Trac is worthless in terms of being friendly to the user.

    I’ve put off reporting several bugs to several different projects just because I can’t remember where the damn register link
    is and to register to yet another bug report place…

  3. For the record, the problem you’re having with Trac is not related to Trac per-se but to how the Fedora Project has configured Trac.

  4. @MÃ¥rten and Michael:
    Fedora uses Bugzilla for its packages. Trac is only used for the hosted projects. But yeah, our Trac is just a tad misconfigured.

  5. ignacio. What is a “hosted project”? Why would, for instance, the Glom package have bugs in both and this trac system?

  6. A “hosted project” is a project that the Fedora Project is hosting at the Fedora Hosted website ( If glom’s upstream was FH then there *may* be a Trac instance on FH for it (there are lots of FH projects that *don’t* have Trac instances, but aren’t visible. Yes, I need to fix that). But glom isn’t on FH; what you were seeing was the Trac instance for PackageDB, which *is* on FH (

  7. I’ve never seen the Fedora Trac but lots of other Trac sites seem to be in trouble too.

    1. Never had a problem with Trac. And I see a nice link to signup. Bugzilla is the proper way to go. Clearly mentions HERE how to do so.

  8. 2 years on and still no solution to this issue.
    Was somebody able to find that mysterious ‘register’ button? If yes, then share the secret please.
    I want to file some bug + some solutions for liveusb-creator project, which is ‘fedorahosted’.
    But till now, i’m unable to create a ticket.
    Any help will be appreciated. TIA.

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