Nautilus 2.18 bug whine: Name column still annoying

The fix to the incredibly-small-name-column bug in nautilus has introduced a new bug. The name columns are often still too small, and they have to be resized even when reopening the same folder. At the moment it looks like this is going to be in Ubuntu Feisty to annoy me for the next six months.

I feel sure that the column sizes were remembered before. If not, I guess they just had better defaults before, and I guess that the name column resized with the window before so it was enough to just increase the window size, which was remembered.

6 thoughts on “Nautilus 2.18 bug whine: Name column still annoying

  1. As far as I can tell from my computer, nautilus does something cool in that it makes the other columns fixed sized and the name column autosized, so that when you resize the window, the name column gets bigger rather than the date column, or whatever happens to be the right column. One option would be to change your date format, or remove a column you’re not using, but the best way to make the name column bigger would be to make the window bigger.

  2. Brian, thanks but the point is that
    a) that’s not what it’s doing in the latest version.
    b) default’s should not be broken.

  3. What changed is that ellipsation was enabled for the name column. This changes the size allocation of the tree view.

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