Munich’s big square computer

I noticed this post about Munich’s new LRZ supercomputer in Garching on Moritz Angermann’s blog. Looking at this photo (webcam apparently, so maybe you can only see it in the daylight), there’s something faintly absurd about it. Apparently this big cube building (at the right) is the computer, or can be perceived as the computer because it’s dealt with remotely. This might be a picture of the inside, but I’d still rather think of the building as the computer. It’s just a very big computer, you see.

I’ve never been to Garching, but I keep meeting clever people who work there.

3 thoughts on “Munich’s big square computer

  1. Altix, now there is a platform that I would certainly want to install because the company who provides it is likely to remain solvent in the near future. AUD$10000 per CPU… I’m almost positive there has to be better ways to spend your money, fancy highspeed interconnects or not.

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