German mini job

If there are any German GTK+/gtkmm/GNOME developers out there who’d like a few hours of part-time employment per week. maybe alongside their studies, please email me. I can’t offer much, and it might not last forever, but it’s probably better than the crap you’d have to do otherwise.

5 thoughts on “German mini job

  1. Hi Murry, this sounds damn cool. Too bad I got a part-time job already…

    If no one turns up, I could pin a paper at our university.

    kindest regards,
    Moritz Angermann

  2. hey Murray,

    I’m a Dutch IT student who is currently starting with his master, and this project sounds really interesting. Could you tell me a little more about it? Thanks in advance!

    regards, Writser

  3. I’m looking for someone to take on some easy tasks for some of my clients, and someone to do some of my open source work (such as Glom) so I have more time for my clients.

    However, I am looking for people who live in Germany, because that makes payroll and tax much simpler.

  4. Hi Murray,

    I droped you a line (murrayc at murrayc dot com). Did the mail made it to your inbox?


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