Connection Lost

I’ve moved into the new apartment, but Deutsche Telekom lost our DSL order, and now need an extra 6 days to flick that switch. So I’ll be unusually non-responsive to emails for the next week or so. Sorry.

2 thoughts on “Connection Lost

  1. Hi Murray, why not go for Alice DSL? I mean you’r in munich and DT is one of the worst, okay there’s 1&1 and we got AOL too, freenet and a few other services. But my expiriences are O2 Genion + Alice DSL gets you a pretty good deal on DSL.

    Basically the joys of Alice for me were the option to kill my subscription within 4 weeks. Well DT does have no subscription minimum either iirc. But they arn’t just cheap iirc. And well it’s the Telekom, grunty stupid helpdesk guys.

    I actually got me O2 Genion too for it as I’m not too often at home and don’t even have a nice green phone with dial wheel anymore :(

    Anyway just me 2¢

    kindest regards,

    Moritz Angermann

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