Glom on Fedora?

Now that Glom is in feature freeze, and the time approaches for a Beta release, I notice that it’s still not in Fedora Extras. Would someone like to take care of the packaging for that?

6 thoughts on “Glom on Fedora?

  1. I think getting Glom into Fedora Extras is impossible at this moment. I’ve tried to compile Glom and Bakery. Bakery failed to build cause of missing gtkmm2.4 version 2.8. There is only gtkmm2.4 version 2.6 available on Fedora Core 4.

  2. The development version of Extras has gtkmm 2.8, this will soon be Fedora 5. The biggest problem is getting through the Extras acceptance process.

  3. Is anyone making any progress on this? I don’t see any package review requests in BZ

  4. Dave, I forwarded you an emai from Denis Leroy, who seems to be working on this. He first had to make sure that the stable libgda API is available in Fedora.

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