I really like how the 770‘s Opera browser lets you scroll by pushing the page up with the stylus. This is a lot easier than trying to hit the little scrollbar – see Fitt’s Law. It conflicts with the idea of clicking-and-moving to select text, but maybe epiphany/firefox could switch to scrolling after a long click? Some applications in Windows seem to do this with middle-click, which might also be an option.

11 thoughts on “Push-scrolling

  1. I find the behaviour rather annoying since you keep hitting links by accident when trying to scroll this way. It is also very hard to push-scroll a larger amount. I very much prefer the auto-scrolling feature in Firefox. If you haven’t tried it yet, there’s a preference option to enable it.

  2. On macs, ffox uses the long click already, to bring up the right-click menu. This is really convenient on eg powerbooks with the one mouse button. (this is a bit odd since all other apps do it with clover-click, but in ffox I find myself always using the long click version)

  3. I proposed that behavior on the Epiphany mailing list approx. a year ago. They said it could (and should) be implemented as a plugin. It’s also even more useful in Inkscape (it already does this), I hope it will work in Gimp, too, one day.

  4. Epiphany’s auto-scroll extension is different, it implements the windows (IE) behavior. IMO the Opera thing is more intuitive.

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