Maemo with C++

I’ve checked in my C++ bindings for Nokia’s Hildon libs (guest, guest), for Maemo, on the 770 . I just have a few signals and properties more to wrap. The build can generate doxygen html like the gtkmm documentation, but I dont’ have doxygen and dot (graphviz) in the scratchbox session. I guess I should build them from source.

They do need some fixes in the C code, to use properties so we can g_object_new() everything properly without using the *_new() C functions, but apparently those fixes are on the way already.

Also, it’s probably time to start looking at reducing the gtkmm code size and objects size of gtkmm. I think there’s lots of space to save, and I have some ideas about how to do that. Still, people are apparently already using gtkmm for embedded stuff, though they haven’t been able to name their projects so far.