I'd like everyone to know how incredibly effective our local volunteers were, and how they saved us from disaster. They made it all possible.

Firstly, Hanno Wagner and Jörg Hoh from Stuttgart gave us complete wireless internet coverage, overcoming several near-catastrophic problems along the way. They set it up in a day or so, and we took it apart again in a couple of hours, returning the Haus der Wirtschaft to the previous century. These are very smart, capable people who can get the job done. I hope we entertained them, and I look forward to seeing them at other events in Germany.

Also, Jessica Moroder parachuted in to organise everything during the conference itself, setting things up, herding the volunteers, and working out details with the building management, never showing a sign of stress. She even lent us a camera for the video streaming. She usually manages TV/film crews on location and is based in Munich. Chaos (even the GNOME kind) has no chance against her and a few walkie-talkies. We should keep her involved.

We also had a lot of volunteers, mostly local, such as Daniel Pisanu (Daniel Pisan_o_ also helped with
the registration database), Julius Bloch, Evangelia Berdou, Roland
, Valerie, Andreas Thienmann, Kilian Krause, Bastian Blank, and many others. They manned the
registration desk and helped with the setup and cleanups. Many didn't know much about GNOME, but they worked incredibly hard, and I think we won them over.