Best GUADEC Ever

Just taking a moment to blog before I head to Karlsruhe for the weekend to take care of some other stuff. GUADEC was fantastic, intense, and incredibly productive, even though I only got to see about four and a half talks, along with helping to organise it and doing all kinds of board stuff. Combined, with inspirational talks, and very useful Board and Advisory Board meetings, I think the next year will see us really get our act together.

User day was not great, apart from a couple of wonderful talks, but the fixes for that are obvious, and I'll email more about it.

People are probably looking at the new Google Bounties. We had to put these together at the last minute (Well, twenty minutes) in an incredibly creative rush, without the usual consultation. I still haven't had time to look at the final bounties announcements and lists myself yet. Please be assured that any problems/questions are obvious to us and details can/will be worked out in the next few days, as people return from GUADEC.

Also, I now love Nokia and Nokia love us. They so get it.

Also, Jeff hugged me. If that isn't a bright new start, I don't know what is.