Back from Blighty

The weekend in London was much more fun than I expected. As ever, London depends on who you are with.

We met my sister at the Tate Modern. The sun thing is really fantastic. tate_sun

I like that loads of Londoners now have the shared experience of basking in the orange light and watching the crowd in the vast mirrored ceiling.



Other tourist things: Portabello market, Brick Lane (balti, markets, bagels, aspirational furniture), Covent Garden, clothes shopping.




I quickly released glibmm and gtkmm tarballs before flying to London, now that GTK+ has tarballs we can use. I don’t expect the gtkmm API to change much more, though we do need to start using libsigc++ 2 before the next tarball. There are still a few API bugs that I would like people to help out with.