Recent events

  • Thanks to prodding from various people, notably julian and the Inkscape developers, gtkmm is now in Fink, so it's easy to get it on MacOS X.
  • For the SUN Forte build, I badly need a login on a SUN box with the SUN Forte C++ build. I sent an email to SUN, asking for support with this kind of thing, but I'm not holding my breath. We used to have someone who submitted gtkmm patches for SUN, but he's not around these days.
  • I finally added a custom TreeModel example to gtkmm, and I made it easier to do that in gtkmm 2.4. Thanks to Christof Pettig for showing me how. I still need to figure out how to manage more complicated GtkTreeIter data though.
  • I called for 100% API reference documentation., and got some good responses – maybe even some patches later.
  • gtkmm has lots of changes in cvs, but we depend on GTK+ in cvs because I am closely tracking the API changes. Don't wait for a tarball – get it from cvs and submit patches.


I'm in London at the weekend, pretending to be a German tourist. It's been 1.5 years again. No major plans apart from a curry in Brick Lane.

I haven't found an apartment in Munich yet, but I am persuading myself that it will be fun finding one.