GNOME Release team

Seth: Recognising that GNOME has the time-based releases + incremental improvement problem solved, this time around the release team tried to make it part of the their job to also gather a list of goals, both short term and long term. That’s what the maintainers questionnaire was about, though the results don’t seem to have been published yet. The release team often miss their own dates and people don’t bug the release team about that. It’s a weak link that can only be fixed by people making more of a fuss. And I’m now too busy surviving in an internet backwater to make the fuss myself.

Alternatively, I think anybody should feel free to gather ideas together themselves rather than leave everything up to the beaurocrats. For instance, the various planning documents from Havoc and Miguel in the past were useful. People just need to make it clear that they are not promises and that they are not the opinion of the group as a whole. I guess someone could put together a pretty good long-term goals list just by scouring the GNOME Planet blogs.