gtkmm 2.3.0

I did a gtkmm 2.3.0 release now that there’s a GTK+ 2.3.0. I fixed some more stuff last night so I think most of the new widgets are wrapped, apart from the FileSelector. So, before we go stable with 2.4.0 around the GNOME 2.6 release, that leaves us time for the usual avalanche of patches and in-depth discussions about API details. Quality through kibitzing has served us well in the past.

kristian‘s new TreeModel-based ComboBox is really nifty. I managed to generalize the TreeView template stuff so that people can easily add model columns to a ComboBox and get just-works defaults, just like they do with the TreeView.

The UIManager+Actions things looks good to. It’s very similar to the old gtkmm API for menu/toolbar creation, though that required a lot of C++ to make it happen. I think the only real advantage for gtkmm coders will be the Action concept, allowing items on menus and toolbars to share the same details and signal handlers.

This would be much harder if we had not decided to make gtkmm 2.4 parallel-installable so we can break the ABI a bit. Some people will insist on not understanding and still complain that all change is bad. I’ve tried to encourage them to be forget that gtkmm 2.4 exists and happily continue to use the completely-unaffected gtkmm 2.2, using hypnosis if necessary.

Michael Koziarski has got gtkmm into Fedora and I’m immensely grateful. This pretty much means that the old gtkmm2-not-in-redhat problem is solved.