XP, schmechschpee

A while I ago I promised myself never to pay for any microsoft product ever again, what with the quality being so abysmal, but I have wanted to take a look at Windows XP for a while. I finally got hold of a copy and achieved blue screen in an as yet unprecedented five seconds after installation. The Windows XP installation is significantly less user-friendly than RedHat's, and it then leaves you with a fairly nonsensical desktop. After I fixed the bluescreenness (XP's NVidea driver) I then became outraged at how, every time you make an internet connection, it tells you that you need an MS passport account to do that. That's such a blatant anti-trust violation. Those bastards.

I discovered that you can restore the grub bootloader after Windows destroys it by first making a boot diskette (/sbin/mkbootdisk –device /dev/fd0) and then reinstalling grub (/usr/sbin/grub-install /dev/hda, I think) after booting from that disk.


I think I'm getting back on top of the bugs now. I don't like having too long a list of things to do.