Open Source Management

I wrote this little <a href=””>What Managers Can Learn From Open Source</a> document to make me feel better. That which inspires it most lately is getting fantastically worse.


A think I finally fixed the latest little gtkmm lifetime bug – an occasional leak. Harold Hopfes really dug deep into GTK+ and gtkmm with startling energy to help analyse the bug. He seems to be one of a team of gtkmm developers at EADS. As the bugzilla bug shows, we went backwards and forwards a few times trying to find the problem and solution.


Another great hacker who seems to have exploded, fully-formed out of freak lightning strikes and nuclear waste, Bowie Owens is doing ever more fantastic work on orbitcpp, fixing all kinds of stuff that I should be doing for him. This guy seems to know his CORBA.


I did a very superficial ui-review on gnome-meeting. I am suddenly rather concerned about its user interface but I’m sure that everything can be fixed very easily.