Loss of time

I am now 30 and it does not please me. I plan to be in an even worse mood for the next decade as I was for the last 10 years. You have been warned.


We had an interesting release-team meeting about the new 2.4 modules. We normally release the meeting minutes, but we would prefer to give a proper united decision when the time comes. And it's not for us to decide – it's just for us to decide what the GNOME community wants. We are extending the arbitrary deadline a couple of weeks so that some new issues can be discussed properly in public.


I finally found a decent WLAN card – an ELSA Vianect MC-11 from freebird in Berlin, via ebay. With the extra antenna it's now even better than the impossible-to-buy Cisco card. It seems to be a true classic Orinoco card. I had to add the hermes.conf file to my /etc/pcmcia/ to make it recognise the card, as described here. And I had to recompile, patch, and install the orinoco driver to get a monitor mode for kismet, as described here. Also, unlike the cisco card, I have to start kismet_hopper to actually detect any WLANs. It all sounded scary but it really was as simple as those documents say. Well, I had some strange “eth0 device not found” errors from ifup but deleting some old files in /etc/sysconfig/networking/devices/ fixed that. After all, I have tried 5 WLAN cards in this machine now.