I hope people don't hate me for criticising all their proposed 2.4 modules. I really wish other people were trying stuff out so I didn't have to get the conversations started. We only have 1 more week and it'll be a lot harder to have these conversations afterwards.

When it came to GnomeMeeting we had some of the "What is the desktop?" conversation sooner than I had expected.I'm surprised that more regular GNOME contributors aren't stepping up to say that GnomeMeeting should be in account of its coolness. I generally do not represent the consensus.

I'm trying out some of the accessibility stuff now. It's surprisingly obscure. There's something fundamentally wrong about that.

There's so much happening with GNOME now, and I think it's all remarkably directed and cohesive while still being fun. The future is big because people are not waiting for other people to do stuff for them.


I was wrong about the STL-style API problem I mentioned before – it was just a one-off and not a general problem. I also solved a lifetime bug that had been scaring me for a while, but it turned out to be another one-off. So all is well in the gtkmm part of my brain again.