API/ABI-frozen libglademm

I released an API/ABI-frozen libglademm, with some last minutes improvements from danielk. Hopefully this will encourage people to use it rather than writing all that tedious source code just to layout widgets. I added a chapter about it to the gtkmm book to encourage its use.

We also released gtkmm 2.1.1, a couple of days after GTK+ 2.2.0. Our next release can probably be 2.2.0 – I’m pleased that we are back in sync.

I spend the last couple of days fixing the Gtk::Clipboard API, writing examples to use it, and then writing a chapter in the book to explain it. It seems pretty good now, and naturally it’s much simpler than the C API.

While waiting for gtkmm to rebuild, I updated the Release Planning modules list on developer.gnome.org and made sure that meta-gnome-desktop in jhbuild includes the new GNOME 2.2 stuff such as GStreamer and nautilus-media. Apparently aldug and Wayne Schuller are working on the bugzilla GNOME report scripts. I’m looking forward to using them as the basis of a release status and how-to-help page.