libgnomecanvasmm and gconfmm: API frozen

I released 2.0.0 API/ABI-frozen versions of libgnomecanvasmm and gconfmm, and I expect to release 2.0.0 of libglademm soon. I should add a libglademm chapter to the gtkmm book, because it’s obviously the sane thing to use. Freezing these parts of gnomemm should make it more obvious that the remaining work needed is in libbonobo*mm and orbitcpp. I’m thinking of spending the holidays fixing the “WRITE ME” parts of orbitcpp, though there will be quite a steep learning curve because I haven’t paid enough attention to what cactus has done.

Using the new XML-capable Bakery and libglademm, I was able to write a new application – SubSubSub. It’s something that I’ve tried without much success in the past with PowerPlant and MFC/ActiveX, but I was able to do it with Bakery in only a couple of days. Unlike MFC’s resource files, libglademm makes it really easy to visually edit the appearance of custom widgets and that really helped.

However, I did have to fix a few libxml++ bugs, and the released libxml++ still needs fixing. It is gradually moving towards a more DOM-specification-compliant API, with various node-type sub classes, though we’ll try to keep things simple.

I’m really impressed by jamesh‘s new “dot” feature in jhbuild, which shows dependency graphs with graphviz. Here are some gtkmm examples, and one for the GNOME 2.2 Desktop, and one for all of the stuff in jhbuild. Note that these are cvs-build-time dependencies – it’s slightly simpler for tarball/binary dependencies

GNOME 2.2 seems to be trundling towards it’s release date fairly well, with only minor problems here and there. The exciting visible changes stage is now over, so it’ll be mostly just stability bugfixing from now on.

I made a bit of a fuss about the GNOME HIG and nullity‘s recent neglect of it. This resulted in some clarification, particularly the removal of some silly problem-causing technical advice, and a clearer understanding that GTK+ won’t do anything much about the HIG until after GKT+ 2.2.

I’ve been skiing a couple of times recently – to the Stubai glacier and to Gerlos in Zillertal – pretty good conditions, particularly at Stubai. Skiing is so exhillerating – it’s like having super powers.

I saw the Copenhagen play, in german at the TeamTheater. I loved how it played with quantum theory ideas to flesh out an episode about which we know very little of substance.

Still no contract/work.