I’m enjoying the overall unixyness of my new contract

I’m enjoying the overall unixyness of my new contract, though I’m really beginning to hate having to use the
eccentric Sniff+ to generate all of our makefiles. This is
just silly, but in the isolated world of this development
department this is actually more standard than the gnu auto*
tools. In particular it has a real problem coping with QT’s
moc prepocessor, handily proving my point that non-standard
stuff messes other stuff up, particularly other non-standard

I’m surprised to discover that QT/KDE doesn’t have any
Document/View framework. They do strongly advise the use of
this pattern, but you’re supposed to do all the work
yourself. I didn’t look at QT/KDE when I built
Bakery, because I didn’t want it to influence
my design or code. Now I find that, instead of building
equivalent functionality, I actually built better

In real life, the climbing is going well and I’m getting
some ability back. I’ve been experimenting with using a
mailing list to organise a group of climbers in Munich,
hoping that it’ll work for real life just like it does for
open source projects. It seems to be working so far.