Finally released Gnome– 1.2.0

Finally released Gnome– 1.2.0. Yes, it’s a stable release. API-frozen and all 1.2.x releases will be
binary compatible, and all that. Now I can forget about
Gnome– for a few months and focus on other GNOME C++

Such as Bonobo. I’m slowly hacking together a Bonobo UI
equivalent of Havoc’s gnome-hello. Unfortunately it looks
like this will be a necessary step before worrying about
doing it from C++, as this new API is so poorly

I am beginning to worry that GNOME 2 is deprecating the
dodgy GnomeApp stuff in favour of an API that has not had
full-enough exposure. It seems that GnomeApp is so poor
because it was originally so poorly documented, and
therefore very few
people were actually able to explore it before it was fixed
into gnome-libs. I worry that the same thing is happening
with the Bonobo UI code. Sure most of the top GNOME hackers
are familiar with it, but that’s because they were active in
its development. But an API needs to be exposed to
independent criticism. Maybe my worries are unfounded and
all is well in the world.