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More Maliit Keyboard Improvements: QtQuick2

A few days ago I pushed 44 more commits to the Maliit Plugins repository now that Canonical have published (in the Ubuntu Phablet project’s maliit-plugins Launchpad/Bazaar repository) that work that we (Openismus) did for them.

This brings the Maliit Keyboard into the QML/QtQuick2 world for Qt5, removing the use of QGraphicsView which is not really suitable for Qt5. This should also have some performance advantages and makes customization even easier.

Michael Hasselmann blogged a summary of the state of Maliit today. The recent work, along with the Wayland integration, has made Maliit more popular than ever.  But we still need to line up customers to fund the ongoing development, generally while creating custom features or solutions for them.