Galaxy Zoo iPhone App: Developers welcome

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve made good progress on an IOS app for Galaxy Zoo, reimplementing what I’ve already done in the Galaxy Zoo Android app. The code is in github. This is my first time using Objective-C and developing for IOS, so I’m very open to helpful criticism.

Though it’s not screenshot ready, I think I’ve done the hard stuff, such as caching enough subjects from the server, uploading the classifications, removing old classifications, and dealing with cache files being deleted by the system. So I’m confident that I can get it finished fairly soon, give or take the usual bug fixing.

However, I’m going on vacation tomorrow for two weeks, so I filed github issues for the simple things that still need to be done. Maybe some other interested iPhone developers would like to contribute. It would be great to arrive back from vacation to a bunch of github merge requests.