glibmm 2.44.0 and gtkmm 3.16.0

I’ve just done the stable glibmm 2.44.0 and gtkmm 3.16.0 releases with the usual bunch of API additions and deprecations to keep track of the glib and gtkmm API. Thanks to Kjell Ahlstedt in particular for his many well thought-out contributions.

I’ve been maintaining gtkmm since at least some time in 2001. That’s 14 years or so. Has any GNOME maintainer maintained one module for so long?



5 thoughts on “glibmm 2.44.0 and gtkmm 3.16.0

  1. I’ve started developing an application with gtkmm like a week ago, and I have to say so far it’s pretty cool. I’m a C++ guy mainly so it would’ve been a bit painful to use plain GTK (I’m writing a Gnome application, so Qt doesn’t play here), but gtkmm is absolutely usable and convenient.
    Thank you for maintaining these libraries, they’re pretty good!

    1. I’m a C++ guy too, specifically C++11/14, which Qt is a world away from ;-) I really appreciate GTKmm for enabling access to the widely supported GTK+ toolkit but with C++ – and crucially an emphasis on modern, standard syntax. It’s fantastic.

      1. To be fair, I think the Qt developers are moving towards modern C++ code style. moc can limit what application developers are allowed to do, but the Qt developers generally seem to want to make it possible for application developers to use modern C++ features. I’d be interested to know where Qt’s API is obviously un-modern or doesn’t allow modern C++.

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