7 thoughts on “glibmm 2.40 and gtkmm 3.12

    1. I’m releasing gtkmm-documentation 3.10.0 right now. There’s lots of new example code for the new widgets, but it’s not mentioned in the book text yet. I don’t know if anybody has the time to write the text right now.

      1. Thanks four your answer! I thought about if it is possible for me to help here, but currently I’m not familiar enough with the API. Maybe I can help in the future.

        By the way, I’m sorry that Openismus no longer exists and hope you find your way! There was some documentation (autotools and so on) on the website of Openismus, is there anywhere a copy or backup?

  1. Thank you very much Murray!! It is very pleasant to be mentioned on your blog, for good. I wouldn’t want to sound too emotional, but this is one of the most valuables things I’ve found in gtkmm: you guys are so willing to help, you really want to get more people interested in the project, you care about people and not just the project. I’ve written those wrappers just for fun, and just to learn something new and contribute only a very little part of what the free software community has given to me; but getting credit and support from somebody that has written so much software that is currently being in so widely use, this is also really nice :)

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