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Last week I was at a notary here in Munich to officially put Openismus GmbH into its liquidation phase, after seven years. The company is closing down, though with no debts and with a little left over. I feel good about that.

This has been the plan for a while since it became harder to get reliable customer work, though that was more a result of the company structure and my own time constraints than any particular change in the tech economy. It became possible once the last few employees had found good jobs to move on to.

I got past any sadness about this a long time ago. I guess it would be nice for things to be running along at their best again, but there was never a sense of security and always a stressful balance of risk and responsibility. It was a good problem to have.

For the last year or so I’ve mostly been busy with all the tedious work of shutting down the offices in Munich and Berlin along with the day to day paperwork involved in a company. Now I feel a sense of relief to be free of these responsibilities.

It will be a few months until I start to look seriously for what’s next. I’ll probably look for a nice stable development and management job here in Munich, and I’ll try particularly hard to find something that lets me work part time so I can pick my kids up from school.

In the meantime I’m enjoying the small sense of achievement that comes from taking care of all the little things I’ve let slip over the past few years and catching up with a bunch of tech stuff that I haven’t had time to learn in depth.

8 thoughts on “Openismus Over

  1. Kudos for all the great work and the clean ending of the story. Best wishes for the next !

    Note: your captcha is so hard !

  2. I write this as a happy employee:
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  3. Sorry to hear that. But thanks for the excellent work you guys were doing. All the very best for the next.

  4. Few companies manage to last seven years , and even fewer get to close down in such controlled and solvent circumstances. Sounds like you should be proud of what you achieved.

  5. Lieber Murray, Liebe Sigi,

    durch Zufall, vielleicht auch die Abstimmung in Deiner Heimat, fand ich die obenstehende traurige Information. Ich glaube und hoffe, dass Du und die Deinen, dies gut übersteht. Zu mir, ich lebe, bin Rentner und habe einige Zipperlein.

    Leider bin ich in Eile, werde versuchen Dich via Skype, Phone oder Mail zu erreichen.

    Grüße Sigi von mir.

    Bleibt gesund.

    Liebe Grüße


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