Updated Maliit packages for Ubuntu

Our Ubuntu packages for the Maliit framework and keyboard had not been updated for a while, so just before the holidays I uploaded 0.93.1 versions for Ubuntu Quantal to the Maliit PPA. I fixed various lintian warnings along the way.

We’d really like some help getting this into official Debian and Ubuntu.

4 thoughts on “Updated Maliit packages for Ubuntu

  1. Do you know if Maliit will be the default virtual keyboard in the newly annonced Ubuntu Phone OS ?

      1. No this sentence doesn’t answer clearly my question. They didn’t give much detail about Ubuntu Phone OS. As for Ubuntu TV, I think this is a different OS from the regular Ubuntu-desktop OS, even if they share a lot of things. And at least it is still in heavy development. Maliit not being in the official Ubuntu 12.10 for desktops doesn’t mean it is not planned for the phone variant. That’s why I was asking the question. I’ll take your answer as a “no” then.

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