Online Glom: More Translation

Online Glom’s standard UI strings are now translated too, instead of just the strings that are in the .glom files. I added some initial translation files (mentioned here too) but I need people to translate them, please. Feel free to just email the file to me. I am tempted to add them to the desktop UI’s translations so I can copy them across.

I also changed it from using a lang= token in the URL to using GWT’s regular locale= query value, re-simplifying much of my previous Online Glom code to support translations.

Now that I see how each new translation adds another set of gwt-java-to-javascript permutations to the already-slow build, so it now builds 41 permutations, I might switch later from the Constants to the Messages technique for GWT translation, because I don’t think that string lookup will be a big performance problem.