Online Glom: Translations

This week I changed libglom’s TranslatableItem API to allow Online Glom to use the recent translations of the Glom example files. This requires the latest unstable version of libglom-1.22 and java-libglom.

There is now a language drop-down list at the top-right, and that is shown in the URL as, for instance, &lang=de (I might change that to locale instead of lang). Choosing a different language will change the table titles, field titles, group titles, etc, to the chosen language.

I have deployed that to the Online Glom test server. For instance:

I have not yet done the same for the translatable strings that are in gwt-glom’s Java source code, such as “Search”, and the “Open” and “Details” buttons. I’m not much looking forward to the awkward way that it should apparently be done. gettext’s _() macro is much cleaner.

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